1. Oh, You'd Fucking Hate It

  2. Big Fancy Fuck You


  4. OFFENSIVE ALBUM TITLE, Gooey Asshole, Fuck you

  5. Cucks and Capri Suns

  6. Get in Loser, We're Going Shitting

  7. You Call That Big Pile Of Shit An Album?

  8. If You're Such A Narcissist, Why Is There Only One Picture Of Yourself In Your Bathroom?


  10. All Cops Are Pieces of Shit, And I Eat Pieces of Shit For Breakfast

  11. My Ass Exploded And I Lost All The Drugs That Were In There

  12. I've Heard BItches Brew, So Yeah, I'm Kinda Familar With Jazz

  13. Tutu and Boner

  14. Spring Br3ak 202O

  15. Deloused In The Creamy Asshole


  17. Trump Is A Bag Of Fucking Shit And Has An Orange Asshole

  18. Gold Under The Ground...In My Asshole!

  19. Shit All Over A Pile Of Fuck

  20. GOBBLE GOBBLE bizzzyyyy

  21. I Just Barfed, And Now Its President

  22. Don't Trust The Guy With The Orange Bunghole

  23. Peak Shit

  24. Overnight Impeachment Fantasy! (Tour Songs Pt. 7, plus 2 extra))

  25. Constant Tempo and Intermittent Pauses

  26. I Broke My Heart On An Asshole (Tour Songs Pt. 6)

  27. The Candy

  28. I'm Lovin' This Ass (Tour Songs Pt. 5 plus 2 extras)

  29. Concepts Of Freud And Other Things I Whack it To (Tour Songs Pt. 4)

  30. This One Will Make Me Famous (Sike, Tour Songs Pt. 3)

  31. Mostly Hits Allowed! (Pt. 2 Of The Tour Diaries)

  32. Only Hits All0w3d<<<

  33. The Flesh Narc Chronicles (Baba)

  34. Let's Exercise Together! (And Other Things We Won't Do Together)

  35. Creampie From The Future, And Turds On Uranus

  36. It My Thang, Ya Dig?

  37. I Woke Up \Late And Missed The Deadline For<> My Album Releas3

  38. Asshole Filled With Yummiez

  39. Techno bABA

  40. I Have All Mango On My Salad

  41. Flingers On My Mingers At Dawn Will Be Without This, You, Fuck You Pay I'll Pay You If you Listen 2 This

  42. Blonde Blowner

  43. Listen Up, Dickhole

  44. secret album

  45. In The Pantheon Of Loinage

  46. I Am Moo Moo

  47. Too Much Ain't Nuthin For A Buck

  48. I Went To The Urologist And All I Got Was This Butt

  49. Everyone Loves A Flat Earth Guy

  50. Please Wipe All The Diarrhea Off My Bung

  51. Cheese Made From Whale Smegma

  52. By Them, I Mean Pee

  53. The Internet Is A Big Pile of Shit

  54. Justice For Yelled At Ham

  55. The Harsh Dick Winds

  56. Crying Teardrops From My Asshole

  57. I Just Shit All Over A Pile Of Shit

  58. I Broke My Face On An Ass

  59. My Dream Is To Eat Only Shit

  60. I'm Going Vegan As Long As, I Can Eat Beef (And Pork)

  61. Wasted At The Dump!

  62. I Think I Found A U.T.I. In My Asshole

  63. Everyhing Is Taints And Assholes

  64. A Dirty Mind Is Great With Some Parm

  65. The Vigil At Andy's (Cig)

  66. Dirty Reach Around

  67. Full Of Tanning Beds

  68. I Ate A Whole Bunghole

  69. The Winners For Next EAB Album! WINNAAAA

  70. Inferior In Talent To The Max

  71. I Want To Be Taken Serioiusly As An Artist, But I Have Too Much Diarrhea

  72. That Was A Fun Dinner

  73. I Never Left, But I Stayed Not There Around

  74. Restless Sleeping

  75. Leave The Town Now Amp

  76. That's A Spicy Feet Meat

  77. Go Nowhere You Want

  78. That's The Way I Ham It

  79. Spank The Stars

  80. Seventeen Seconds III: In A Tree

  81. So Many Pages

  82. Motion In The Backyard Poster

  83. I Was The First Sandwich

  84. Brenda Needs Shart

  85. Booger

  86. I'm Lovin' All These Cheese Spreads

  87. Is There A Reward?

  88. I Eated The Spicy Pepperoni

  89. Oops. I Shit On Your Favorite Diploma

  90. Can't You Make Some Real Music?

  91. Shitty On The Inside

  92. I Ate A Nasty Burger

  93. Have You Tried Doing Nothing?

  94. I Don't Want To go To Work Tomorrow

  95. Uncovered!

  96. Wardrobe Midlife Crisis

  97. Ass Eaters From Outer Face

  98. So To The Roses Yummy

  99. Double Guac Pls

  100. I Don't Like Air

  101. I Lost My Asshole At The State Fair

  102. Vomit Sink Gunk w/ Rock chicken, but you have to touch it, and you get grease on your hands afterword and it feels gross.

  103. The Desiccation Of The Evolution Of The Desecration Of History, Balls

  104. There Were The Turnips, That Were Green (Microwave Burrito)

  105. I Heard There Was No Icing

  106. Guitars R' Cheap

  107. Time Travel To Eat What I Just Ate, Again

  108. Seventeen Seconds II: Electric Cigaloo

  109. Honey Badger Has Some Honey Tea, Hot, Hot, Hot (Never Get Laid Again)

  110. Let's Eat Shit!

  111. Duty Calls

  112. Hell No, I Couldn't Beep

  113. Duster Of A Hundred Delights

  114. Smoke All My Scoot

  115. Crabapples Were My Horse's

  116. The Essential Mind

  117. Addicted To Poultry

  118. When The Copious Amount Of Drugs Entered Your System, You Knew You'd Never Injest Another Quaalude, Again

  119. Grocery Store Haters

  120. Jewels For The Weeping

  121. Guitar Vehicle II

  122. The Price Of Blast Beats...In Hell...Forever!

  123. Seventeen Seconds

  124. Soccer Beams

  125. Exactly Cranes Grass

  126. Mopers....And Lopers

  127. It's About The Girdle...

  128. I Picked Up My Suitcase And Ate It, Yum.


  130. Lose My Eyelash

  131. Blast Beats Only

  132. Blast Beats Always

  133. Scrape The Scum

  134. Planets Made Of Juicy

  135. Toiled Chads

  136. No Dating

  137. I Cheese Nudes News

  138. Memories, But Before...That

  139. Fulfill The Dream Soap

  140. Bicker, But Quicker

  141. Hear The Ocean, It's Dan

  142. The Record Goes Banana Sauce

  143. That's Real Fucked Up, Mang

  144. Lamb Leggin'

  145. Real Life Cookies

  146. Goodbye, Paco!

  147. Don't Can't Won't Wasn't

  148. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  149. Answer The House

  150. Losing My Keys, Noooooo

  151. The Requests Album

  152. Calm Before The Asshole

  153. Ghastly Cheek

  154. Scared Of Relish

  155. Blast Beats...Online!

  156. Isolated Tracks For Personal Use

  157. When To Get

  158. Kuzu

  159. Obliteration Of The Meat Maybe

  160. Split Up Tracks For Tour Goals

  161. Hot Homes In The Moonshine
    Mm...That's Light

  162. I Can't Believe It's Not Light! (But It Totally Is)
    Mm...That's Light

  163. Someone At The Dog

  164. Zero Before Midnight

  165. Woah, That's Not A Tomato

  166. Bistro History

  167. Monster Balls

  168. Corny Moment

  169. The Inspiration

  170. No Revenge

  171. Let Me Sausage
    CIg Oasis

  172. Life, but alarms

  173. Let It Scrotum

  174. Booty Treasure Sea

  175. Wretched Whimsy

  176. Phlem

  177. Stank and the Stress

  178. Taco Cheeseburger, Uhh, Juice. Town. Who Gives A Shit

  179. Discounts On Shit

  180. Guitar Vehicle

  181. The Government Ate My Slider

  182. Be It, So It Is, But Maybe Not?

  183. Puddle Poker

  184. Run To The Pills

  185. Trouble In Taradise

  186. Primp

  187. Cones In The Grave Yarg

  188. Slap Convention

  189. Horizontal Squeek

  190. S/T
    Davlin Chatlan

  191. Revenge With Mustard On The Side

  192. Fabric Universe

  193. Stripper Pole Made Of Candy

  194. Apple Lawnmower

  195. The Everything Of My Stank

  196. Toothpaste Birthday Cake

  197. Tuna In 3D

  198. Butane Fried Egg

  199. Smells Into The New Dimension


Cig Oasis Denton, Texas

Cig Oasis is Matt B.

(member of *Eat Avery's Bones/*Flesh Narc/Problem Dogg/Whack Dealers/Trouble Catt/Noisey Boyz/Night Cash/Davlin Chatlan/Avery Boner and The Blonde Dicks/Blonde Cleavage/*Toys R’ Us/Bebe Shower/*Throp)

*band is not defunct
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